Unique Look & Feel

Unique Look & Feel

We provide many sample of grasscloth with unique look and feel for free.

Grasscloth wallpaper For Wall Covering

Have you seen Apple, Microsoft, Google and many other big companies? If you have seen those, you should be able to spot one thing in common. 

You will have a feel of nature inside their office. They are moving towards environmentally friendly things. One of those things they use for this is Grasscloth. 

So what is this Grasscloth? 

A Grasscloth is a group of hand-woven, natural fiber wall coverings. Grasscloth wall covering is the environmentally friendly and flexible way of decorating your walls. It is made of rice paper, eco- chic grasses and bamboo, etc. It is available in various colors and shades. You can choose between natural or faux grasscloth options from popular collections. 

These radiant, natural wall coverings offer the ideal texture for your home and office. These materials are backed with chemical-free Scandinavian papers and is VOC free and even biodegradable. It is harvested from a sustainable crop of renewable fibers. 

Types of Grasscloth wallpapers and cleaning them? 

There are two types of Grasscloth wallpapers called dyed type and non-dyed type. You should understand that these wallpapers are difficult to match and are not uniform in color. 

The best way to clean these wallpapers is to vacuum and never wipe with a wet cloth. Take care not to smoke since Grasscloth on Wall is like fabric drapes. You should also make sure that you are not allergic to certain type of Grasscloth wallpapers. 

In essence, if proper care is taken in choosing and maintaining the grasscloth wallpapers they could make your walls breathtaking and look very elegant.

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Unique Look & Feel

We provide many sample of grasscloth with unique look and feel for free.

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